PURION weld in UV Sets

This UV set consists of a quartz protection tube sealed at one end and supported at the other end in a stainless steel immersion tube head, a UV lamp, the control box with electronic ballast and the connecting cables.

The immersion pipe head sits sealingly in the DN 40 threaded connection piece supplied. The threaded connection piece can be welded onto a curved tank surface without any problems. The DN 40 groove nut, also supplied, fixes and secures the system. The function of the UV lamp, which is mounted in the quartz protection tube, can be checked through the transparent cap on the immersion tube head. A control lamp signals e.g. lamp failure or cable breakage. A potential-free contact linked to it can be used for external signalling or for switching operations.

As an option, the PURION Weld in UV sets can be equipped with splinter protection or a safety holder.

Attention! UV radiation is dangerous for skin and eyes! Eyes and skin must be protected accordingly. It should be noted that the user is responsible for the safety of persons in the room.



We recommend the PURION Service KIT for cleaning the immersion pipe system.

> PURION Service-KIT

For further details and dimensions, please refer to the corresponding data sheets.