PURION POOL plug & play systems

The new product family PURION POOL provides superior Plug and Play systems for the treatment of pool water up to a pool size of 80 m³. The chemical free UV based disinfection protects your health and leads to considerable cost cutting.

Value added at a glance:
The PURION POOL systems

  • are plug and play systems for immediate operation
  • operate without chemicals and avoid „red eyes“ and skin irritation
  • avoid up to 95% of chemicals compared to solely chemical treatment
  • imply considerable cost cutting due to less costs for chemicals
  • operate without chemicals and expand the lifespan of the pool equipment
  • enable reuse of backwash water e.g. for irrigation
  • are suitable for salt water application
  • imply manageable maintenance and small operation expenses 
PURION plantmax. pool dimension
PURION POOL 20 20 m³ (20 h operation)
15 m³ (15 h operation)
PURION POOL 20 PVC-U20 m³ (20 h operation)
15 m³ (15 h operation)
PURION POOL 40 40 m³ (20 h operation)
30 m³ (15 h operation)
PURION POOL 40 PVC-U40 m³ (20 h operation)
30 m³ (15 h operation)
PURION POOL 80 80 m³ (20 h operation)
60 m³ (15 h operation)
PURION POOL 80 PVC-U80 m³ (20 h operation)
60 m³ (15 h operation)

For cleaning of the immersion tube system the PURION Service KIT is recommended.

> PURION Service-KIT

Operating Principle

The pre-assembled PURION POOL plug and play systems provide a complete system consisting of pump, pre-filter (quartz granulate) and UV disinfection.

1st step: filtration of sediments

The upstream filter unit with „top mount“ 4 or 6-port valve consists of a polyethylene filter tank (filled with activated filter granulate – special quartz) and a rotary pump. This pre filter has two layers with different granulate dimension that removes the sediment from the water.

2st step: disinfection with UV-light

The following UV based disinfection prevents biological activities – especially the formation of algae. Unlike other cleaning procedures this approach does not produce potentially dangerous byproducts. Of course it is possible to develop special customized solutions upon customer’s request.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.