UV plants for disinfection of tanks

Within tanks the inflow of air can lead to a reinfection of pure water and water based products during sampling - especially in case of long term storage.

The PURION® UV-Sets are to be installed in the tank cap or on the upper side of the tank. In consequence the space and air above the water or water based products is disinfected continuously.

The UV-Set consists of a quartz pipe sealed on one side. The quartz pipe is mounted on a stainless steel flange on the other side. Moreover the UV-Set consists of a UV-lamp, the control box including electronic ballast and the connecting cable. The stainless steel flange has three drilling holes that can be used for installation (e.g. screwing into sled wall). The operation of the UV-lamp mounted into the quartz pipe can be monitored via the transparent cap of the stainless steel flange.

Depending on the size of the space to be disinfected the required dose of the UV-light can differ. Therefore the PURION® UV-Sets can be operated from 10W up to 90W.

Any of our equipment can be fitted with functions for monitoring operating hours and/or UVC intensity.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheet.

DOWNLOAD PURION® data sheets single plants

DOWNLOAD PURION® data sheets dual plants