UV based disinfection of pool water leads to a material reduction of chemicals up to 95%. Therefore advantages for your health and cost cutting effects can be realized. PURION provides customized UV plants and complete plug and play systems. 

UV plants

PURION UV plants can be easily integrated into existing pipe work after the sediment filtration units. The PURION UV plants can be configured in stainless steel and PVC-U.

Plug and play systems

The pre-assembled PURION POOL plug and play systems provide a complete system consisting of a pump, pre-filter (quartz granulate) and UV disinfection.

Value added at a glance:
The PURION POOL systems

  • are plug and play systems for immediate operation
  • operate without chemicals and avoid „red eyes“ and skin irritation
  • safe up to 95% of chemicals
  • imply considerable cost cutting due to less costs for chemicals
  • operate without chemicals and expand the lifespan of the pool equipment
  • enable reuse of backwash water e.g. for irrigation
  • are suitable for salt water application
  • imply manageable maintenance and small operation expenses 

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.