Our Company

Natural resources of our earth have to be saved and it is absolutely necessary to treat them with care!

The know how for sustained improvement of the quality of life is available!

The core business of PURION is the development, production and sale of high-performance environmental technology. Our future-oriented and ecologically friendly methods help to improve a worth living environment. We simultaneously combine ecology and economy.

We constantly challenge the status quo to develop und manufacture superior innovative water, air and surface disinfection systems. Our new disinfection systems satisfy our costumers demand for high-performance but easy to handle products combined with attractive prices.

Modular Construction

In general we pursue the concept of modular construction. Therefore our customers can combine several segments of our products depending on their individual requirements, for example UV radiation and sediment filter systems.

Engineering Services

Beyond our physical products we also offer engineering service for a variety of problems due to environmental technology especially water and air disinfection, e.g.:

  • development of individual solutions of problems related to environmental issues
  • projection and construction of systems for liquid disinfection
  • tests of methods and analytical evaluation.

The know how of our engineers together with large experience in practical construction ensures optimal satisfaction of our customers demand.