Time monitoring for air disinfection plants

To ensure a permanent disinfection it is recommended to equip the uv-plants with an operating time counter (OTC).

The OTC monitors the lifetime via counting the operating hours of the uv lamp. The current status quo is displayed by LED signals.

 As the operating voltage is applied, the internal counter starts working. Previously, however, the start-up procedure will be executed. LEDs will be flashing red, yellow and green, one after another for 1 second. This procedure controls that the LEDs are functioning. In addition, a specific interruption of the process will enable counter’s resetting.

The OTC is constructed like a traffic light. In case of current operating hours are lower than 9.500h the green LED will light up.  If the operating time exceeds this threshold, the yellow LED will be activated. If the second threshold (e.g. 10.000 hours of operating time) is exceeded the red LED will light up.   

The installation is carried out behind the control panel of the switching unit.

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