Monitoring of lamps service life with switching function Operating Time Counter - OTC 2

The OTC 2 evaluation unit controls service life by adding up UV lamps operating hours. Service life level is indicated by LEDs. In addition, every LED is pictured by a potential-free contact being implemented as a changeover contact. These contacts may be used for signaling or switching operations.

Technical data of the monitoring unit

Voltage supply230 V AC (110 V AC, 24 V DC or 12 V DC possible)
Special functionAfter lamp replacement the counter becomes resettable
Steady light (green LED) at < 95% of warranted service life
Pre-alarm (yellow LED)at > 95% of warranted service life
Main alarm (red LED)Warranted service life has been exceeded
Additional function Potential-free contact of every LED implemented as a 100 mA changeover contact

The OTC option works as a conventional operating hours counter. As the operating voltage is applied, the internal counter starts working. Previously, however, the start-up procedure will be executed. LEDs will be flashing red, yellow and green, one after another for 1 second. This procedure controls that the LEDs are functioning. In addition, a specific interruption of the process will enable counter's resetting. For that purpose, the start-up process has to be interrupted twice in a row by purposely disconnecting the OTC during the yellow phase. When same is later reconnected, the counter will be reset. Resetting will be confirmed by a single blink of the green LED. Subsequently, the green LED must light up. The counter has been reset. In the unit's non-volatile memory area (EEProm) two time thresholds (tyellow and tred) may be saved. Should the updating time be t > tyellow, the green LED will light up. Should the updating time exceed this threshold, the yellow LED will be activated. And should the second threshold tred be exceeded, red will light up.

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