Combined illumination and UVC disinfection

Disinfection of ambient air via UVC-light

Traditional methods of disinfection of objects for example in medical laboratories fail to disinfect the air because microorganism floats completely free. UV-radiation is suitable to disinfect air contaminated with free floating microorganisms. Natural convection of air ensures that the air is treated with UV-C completely. Air disinfection therefore leads to a considerable reduction of the level of germs. In consequence the danger of infection from air as a major reason for diseases is eliminated. To efficiently use the UV-light our lamps are equipped with reflectors of pure aluminum.

The UV plant can be operated to disinfect ambient air during presence of people in the same area. During installation it is to be ensured that people cannot look directly in the plant and cannot be affected directly by the UV light.

Illumination via natural and vitalizing light

The positive impact of solar light regarding physical and mental status of the human body is out of question.

More and more people have to be present in areas with artificial light. The resulting deficiency of solar light often induces headache, poor concentration, tiredness, sight disorder and a weakened immune system.

The plant AIRPURION duo 90/36 hum X is equipped with a special UV lamp for illumination. The spectral impact of the UV light matches the natural solar light almost totally.

Contrasting to a standard lamp the UV lamp is not only emitting visible spectrum but also portions of ultraviolet and infrared light comparable to solar light.

Especially the ultraviolet light is essential for your well-being. It acts as a stimulant and balancing for metabolism, blood pressure and function of glands. Moreover via this spectrum of light the vitamin 3D-synthesis is been stimulated


UV radiation is dangerous for your skin and eyes! Both your eyes and skin are to be appropriately protected. The user will be responsible for his own safety, as well as for the safety of people who are staying in areas where these radiators are being used.

UVC Illumination is particularly suitable for the following applications

Disinfection of ambient air within medical facilities and public places

UV –disinfection is particularly efficient if pathogen germs can reach people or surfaces via air.

Disinfection of ambient air within the food processing industry

It is essential to protect food against unwanted germs. Within bakeries the main problem is mould. Within other industries like dairies, breweries predominantly saccharomyces are to be disinfected.

Disinfection of ambient air within animal breeding

Disinfection of ambient air via using UV-light reduces characteristic diseases significantly.

The special illumination is particularly suitable for the following applications

Nursery and school

Improvement of long term concentration and strengthening the immune system are main positive effects. Moreover UV light has an important impact on health (e.g. building of vitamin D strengthens the bone structure).

Factory work floors

UV light has a positive impact on the performance and induces lower rates of failure.

Animal breeding

Stimulation of vitamin D synthesis during production of milk, strengthening of the immune system and lowering of stress during livestock breeding within dairies, pig fattening or poultry farming

Plant breeding

UV light contributes to the acceleration of the growth of plants.

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