…stands out for its extraordinary high disinfection performance, compact construction and low energy consumption. It is manufactured in accordance with currently valid laws, standards and rules.

The AIRPURION mobile SINGLE consists of a PURION UV lamp which is placed in a quartz-made immersion tube system. The UV lamp is assembled on a robust and mobile rack. The controlling is integrated in a switchbox made from stainless steel.

The AIRPURION mobile can be switched on and off via remote control. The UV radiator is equipped with a special Teflon coating to avoid the release of mercury or splinters in case of breakage of the UV lamp.

To monitor the service life of the UV lamps the AIRPURION mobile is equipped with an Operating Time Counter (OTC).

The PURION UV-lamp is characterized by a long durability and a high degree of efficiency respecting to disinfection and energy consumption.

The compact construction allows for an easy removal of lamps or lamp exchange at the end of the lamps service life. It is not necessary to use additional tools.

The AIRPURION mobile SINGLE is perfectly suitable for disinfection purposes in existing clean room environments For operation it is not necessary to take structural measurements which could harm certificates etc.

Technical data 

manufacturerPURION® GmbH
disinfection performancesuitable up to a room volume of approx. 120 m³
dimensions L x W x H in mm500 x 470 x 1550
weight21 kg
life time of PURION UV lamps10.000 h
number of PURION UV lamps1
protection gradeIP 65
electrical connection110-240 V 50/60 Hz
total power1 x 90 W
over current protection10 A

details about disinfection performance:

distance from PURION UV lamp
guaranteed UVC Dose12 m5m
200 J/m²15 minutes70 minutes
600 J/m²50 minutes200 minutes
1000 J/m²80 minutes340 minutes

This UV plant is applied at:

Clean room industry
Medicine and laboratories environment
Ripening rooms


  • chemical free
  • high HACCP compliance due to splinter protection, monitoring system and remote control
  • easy maintenance and low operational costs

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1 A dose of 200 J/m² ensures a 99% disinfection in case of mild contamination e.g. with Influenza; a dose of 600 J/m² ensures a 99% disinfection in case of moderate contamination e.g. with Baccillus tuberculi; a dose of 1000 J/m² ensures a 99% disinfection in case of severe contamination e.g. with Polio- and Echoviruses.