Fields of application

Container/ Tanks

Every object like bottles, cans, barrels to be filled with sterilized goods can be kept disinfected after the initial cleaning. A direct exposure to the radiation is recommended.

Bottling plants

Plants and material that is in touch with sterilised goods should be kept disinfected by means of UV light the same way as the objects to be filled.

Packaging machines

the technical complexity of an UV disinfection plant is smaller compared to traditional methods. The disinfection performance depends on the kind of the packaging material. Smooth surfaces ensure a high disinfection performance. Regarding plastic material a confirmation regarding UV persistency should be given by the supplier before exposure to the UV light. Automatic packaging machines should be directly linked with the UV disinfection plant. Continuous exposure to the UV light should be ensured until the sealing (sealing caps, lamination etc. should also be disinfected)

Conveyor bands in the food industry

To avoid the transfer of different cultures, for example during the production of different cold cuts it is possible to install a UV-disinfection unit below the conveyor bands. In consequence the disinfection of the conveyor band is ensured as a repeating disinfection interval.

Home textiles and mattresses

It is also possible to expose home textiles and mattresses. Hospitals, nursing homes or hotels are typically fields of application of this methodology.


The inner surface of tanks or stonework’s can also be exposed to UV light. Existing biofilms can be removed.