Air- and climate shaft (plants for assembling)

The UV-Set consists of a quartz pipe sealed on one side. The quartz pipe is mounted on a stainless steel flange on the other side. Moreover the UV-Set consists of a UV-lamp, the control box including electronic ballast and the connecting cable.

The stainless steel flange has three drilling holes that can be used for installation (e.g. screwing into sled wall). The operation of the UV-lamp mounted into the quartz pipe can be monitored via the transparent cap on the stainless steel flange.

Lamp failure or cables breaking is monitored internally. A potential-free contact being connected therewith may be used for external signaling or connecting purposes.


UV radiation is dangerous for your skin and eyes! Both your eyes and skin are to be appropriately protected. The user will be responsible for his own safety, as well as for the safety of people who are staying in areas where these radiators are being used.

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