Monitoring option PURION DUAL OPD

Integrated and cost effective management with one electronic control cabinet and monitoring of the UVC intensity (Operating Power Detection – OPD).1

With the version DUAL OPD of the product family PURION DUAL both UV plants are switched and operated parallel.

The control system is realized integrated in one electronic control cabinet.

Additionally the first UV plant in flow direction is equipped with a direct monitoring of the UVC intensity.

Due to the simultaneous switching of both UV plants the current UVC intensity for the whole DUAL plant is displayed.

With the configuration DUAL OPD a cost effective protection mechanism to ensure the guaranteed disinfection power is implemented.

Power supply is carried out with 110 - 240 V 50/60 Hz. For the UV plant PURION 1000 Dual power supply can also be carried out with 12 V DC.

1 Signaling of the operation status – no monitoring if the guaranteed disinfection power is ensured over lifetime.
2 For PURION 110-240V and PURION 2500 36W

Technical data

manufacturerPURION® GmbH
number of control cabinet1
dimensions control cabinet
(W x H x D mm)
160 x 250 x 100 2
250 x 350 x 100
number of signal lights
for operating status1
number signal lights for
disinfection power
1 x (OPD)
number potential
free contacts
electrical connection110-240 V 50/60 Hz
12 V DC
over current protection10 A (110-240 V AC)
6 A 12 VDC

Application of the Basic Version:

PURION 1000 110-240VPURION 2500 H
PURION 1000 12V
PURION 2500 36W
PURION 2500 90W


  • electronic control system integrated in one cabinet
  • protection mechanism to ensure guaranteed disinfection power via monitoring of the UVC intensity (OPD)
  • cost effective equipment acquisition