PURION multi-radiator systems 2501 / 4 for UV disinfection of liquids

...are characterised by a compact design. The construction is carried out in accordance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines.

The PURION Mehrstrahleranlage PURION 2501/4 is designed for UV disinfection with larger flow rates up to 40 m³/h.

The installation is carried out in a rack made of grooved aluminum profiles. Two sets of two reactors PURION 2501 are operated in series.

Stainless steel distribution pipes ensure the distribution and merging of the water flow, guaranteeing secure disinfection.

The water inlet and outlet can be optionally equipped with 2" external thread or Tri-Clamp DN40. The system can also be configured for hot water applications.

The control cabinet can be equipped with lifetime monitoring (OTC2 - Operating Time Counter).

The potential-free contact D1-D2 (fault sum signal) allows for easy integration into existing monitoring concepts.

Technical Specifications

ManufacturerPURION GmbH
SeriesPURION Mehrstrahleranlage 2501/4
Flow Rate for UVC Transmission>90% T1 cm: up to 40 m³/h
Dose400 J/m²
Dimensions (L x W x H mm)approximately 600 x 470 x 1,100
Weight60 kg
Number of Emitters4
Max Operating Pressure10 bar
Electrical Connection110-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
Power4 x 90W or 4 x 106W
(depending on configuration)
Fuse10 A
Rack Designgrooved aluminum profile

The multi-jet systems are particularly suitable for:

Potable water
Cooling water
Process water

Selected configuration options:

  • PURION H version
  • Lifetime monitoring (OTC2)
  • Main alarm as an additional control function (fault sum signal as a visual direct display on the cabinet door, additional equipment for potential-free contact D1-D2)

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