Questions about UV disinfection


Is UV-radiation harmful?

UV-radiation is part of the sunlight. There is no danger for health if safety instructions are followed during operation.

Is there any radioactive contamination by the use of UV-radiation?


Is there any toxic impact by the use of uv-radiation?


Does UV-radiation cause harmful substances?

During the operation of high-quality PURION UV-plants and spares no harmful substances can occur.


How is the effect of uv-radiation on germs?

Unhealthy germs become inactive by the use of uv-radiation inside the uv-plant.

Does uv-radiation change the taste of the water?

Smell and taste of the water are not influenced by uv-radiation.

What is the service life of an UV-lamp?

In case of continuous operation PURION GmbH recommends replacement of the uv-lamp every 1,5 years. Life time is reduced by frequent on-and-off switching.

What are important impacts on the effectivness of uv-plants?

Cloudy water with high iron content can lower the effectivness of uv-radiation. In these cases appropriate prefilter systems should be used.

Is uv-radiation an adequate substitute for boiling the water?

The correct practical application of PURION uv-plants is an adequate substitute for boiling the water. Nevertheless in case of official directives you should follow the order because often the true reason for the requirement is unknown.

Possibilities and Boundaries

Is an UV-plant a filter system?

Filters are restraint systems. UV-plants only focus an germicidal impact.

Is it possible to clear cloudiness of the water by the use of uv-radiation?

Cloudiness is caused by particulate material which can not be abolished by the use of uv-plants.

Is it possible to abolish arsen by the use of uv-radiation?

UV-radiation only has a germicidal impact. Therfore it's not possible to abolish toxic substances like arsen through the use of uv-radiation.

Does UV-radiation have a water softening effect?

Minerals cause the hardness of water. Minerals are not affected by the use of uv-radiation. Therefore UV-radiation doesn't have a water softening effect.


What's the problem with chorination?

Due to chlorination by-products emerge, such as chloramines (bonded chlorine) and trihalogenmethane, which are suspected to cause cancer. Allergic reactions, inflammations and irritations result in consequence of chlorination. In addition taste and smell of the water are changed.

Is UV-treatment sufficient to guarantee potable water?

UV-treatment ensures germfree water. In addition elimination of chemical contamination has to be ensured to guarantee potable water.

Is it possible to integrate the uv-plant into the main pipe?

Dimension of the PURION uv-plants enables direct installation into the main pipe. Therefore germfree water can be extracted from all use points by installation of a single uv-plant.

Are fish ponds an adequate application for uv-plants?

UV-plants help fish ponds owners to eliminate phototrophic microorganisms. The right dimension of the uv-plant is essential. In contrast to drinking water only a partial disinfection of the water takes place.

Is it possible to run PURION uv-plants without central power supply?

PURION uv-plants can be run with 12 V or 24 V DC. Therfore operation without central power supply is possible.

What happens in case of power cuts?

To run PURION uv-plants adequate power supply is necessary. PURION optionally equips the uv-plants with decentral power stations to ensure power supply in case of temporary power cuts.

Is it possible to treat wellwater with uv-radiation?

UV-plants can be operated without hesitation to disinfect wellwater.

Design of construction

Why does PURION use stainless steel instead of plastic to manufacture UV-plants?

UV radiation embrittles plastics. Therefore UV-plants consisiting of plastic are unsafe in the long run. In contrast stainless steel ensures long term operation without reducing quality.

How complicated is the replacement of the lamps?

Replacement of the lamps can be carried out with less effort also from laities. Due to our innovative design of construction no tool is needed.

Do I now have to buy a new pump?

The UV-plants will be integrated into existing circulation or flow rate systems. Therefore a new pump is not needed to operate the UV-plant.

Is there any restriction of the flow rate by the use of PURION UV-plants?

The flow rate is not affected by the uv plants. To ensure safe water disinfection the system-dependent flow rate may not be exceeded. PURION uv plants can be used to disinfect water up to a flow rate of 7.000 l/h.

What is the service life of PURION UV-plants?

If correct maintenance and replacement of the UV lamp is ensured PURION UV-plants are applicable for an unlimited period. Please read our maintenance guidelines.

Who is able to install and replace UV lamps?

The installation and replacement of the UV lamps can easily be arranged by laities. Please read our maintenance guidelines before.


What is the energy demand?

The required energy depends on the total power of the uv lamp. On average the power consumption is comparable to a standard electric bulb.

What are the expenses of uv technology in comparison to chlorination?

Due to saved costs for chorination the initial investment costs of a uv plant are amortised after 1.5 years.