Drinking Water

Due to biological pollution, drinking water has become a scarce resource in many areas of the world. PURION® equipment ensure an effective disinfection and guarantee compliance with WHO parameters.

PURION® equipment for the disinfection of drinking water are made of electropolished stainless steel, duly licenced for drinking water. They are ready for plug-in and supplied with connecting cable and safety plug. Equipment is designed for a 400 J/m² radiation dose, thus meeting drinking water regulations and granting a disinfection rate of 99,99% in case the specified flow rate is not exceeded.

Any of our equipment can be fitted with functions for monitoring operating hours and/or UVC intensity.

For every UV plant a complete PURION Assembly System is available.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheet.

DOWNLOAD PURION® data sheets single plants

DOWNLOAD PURION® data sheets dual plants