The AIRPURION active system enables systematic disinfection of air via active air circulation. The air to be disinfected is guided into the device via fan. The flow of fair is disinfected inside the housing by the PURION UV lamps. The AIRPURION active UV plants are available in three configurations and are suitable for different sizes of room volume. Optionally, the units can be supplied with a separate switch box including operating hours counter.

The flow of air is 99,99% germ free after treatment inside the housing. Therefore the germ level can be reduced substantially and scientifically proven.

volume of room & disinfection performance
AIRPURION 48 active300 m³45 m³
AIRPURION 90 active550 m³75 m³
AIRPURION 300 active 1.200 m³300 m³
AIRPURION 300 active 1.800 m³500 m³

The device consists of a matt anodized and completely closed aluminum frame or a housing made from stainless steel. The wiring and the electronic ballast are integrated into the housing. Correct operation of the system is monitored and signaled from inside of the UV-plant.


In addition, the device can be equipped with an external control box can be supplied for easy wall mounting. To the control box can switch the system on and off become. Additionally the operating status of the UV lamps can be be monitored. A lamp service life indicates when the lamp must be changed.

The used uv lamps are characterized by a long durability and a high degree of efficiency respecting to disinfection and energy consumption. The power supply can be carried out with 230 V/50 Hz or optionally 110 V60 Hz.

The compact construction design enables an easy replacement of the uv lamp at the end of their lifetime.

The AIRPURION active can be operated during presence of people.

The assembly can be carried out via mounting rack or wire suspension.


UV radiation is dangerous for your skin and eyes! Both your eyes and skin are to be appropriately protected. The user will be responsible for his own safety, as well as for the safety of people who are staying in areas where these radiators are being used.

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