AIRPURION® air processing unit

AIRPURION product family for UV based disinfection of process air bases on the best practice PURION reactor technology and ensures reliable UV based disinfection of air in industrial applications. The disinfection units can be easily integrated into existing pipe systems.

During operation of this new product family for disinfection of process air the air flows through the reactors and is disinfected by the UV radiation. Several safety features ensure highest HACCP compliance. 

disinfection performance for 60% air humidity

guaranteed UVC dose30 J/m²90 J/m²
AIRPURION 2001 /260 m³/h20 m³/h
AIRPURION 2001 /4120 m³/h40 m³/h
AIRPURION 2501 /2100 m³/h35 m³/h
AIRPURION 2501 /4200 m³/h70 m³/h
AIRPURION 2501 /6300 m³/h100 m³/h
AIRPURION 2501 /8400 m³/h135 m³/h

The controlling is integrated in an electronic control cabinet (optionally made from stainless steel). The electronic control cabinet is equipped with error signalling (sum signal). In case of a default of an UV lamp the red control lamp on the door will be illuminated. Simultaneously it is possible to analyse the error externally (potential free contact). The operation of each UV lamp is indicated by the green control lamps on the door.

To monitor the service life of the UV lamps the systems can be optionally equipped with an Operating Time Counter (OTC) with potential free contacts and additionally with splinter protection.

Of course it is possible to develop special customized solutions upon customer’s request.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.