UVC sensor in a stainless steel housing with integrated booster and power output

This sensor is suitable for monitoring the intensity of UVC low-pressure radiators, UVC high-output radiators and UVC amalgam radiators.

The sensor type is SiC-based and therefore only UV-sensible (daylight blind).

Technical data of the monitoring unit

ManufacturerPURION GmbH
UV-intake6 mm
Angle spreadca. 30°
Temperature0°C to 60°C
Sounding rod's bodystainless steel 1.4571
ConnectionG 1/4"
External threadSW 19
Pressure-tight10 bar
Dimensions (LxØ in mm) 45 x SW 19
Power output 4-20 mA
Supplied voltage9-24 VDC
Sensitivityapprox. 30 – 300 W/m²

Properties of the sensor's chi:

  • Wideband UVA-UVB-UVC photodiode
  • Optimal ability for measuring powerful UVC radiation
  • Silicon carbide chip warrants extreme radiation power
  • High intrinsic insensibility against visible light through semiconducting material with high bandgap
  • TO-18 metallic housing with 0,054mm² active chip surface
  • Chip manufacturer: Cree Research Inc., USA

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