UV based disinfection in standard air conditioning plants. The AIRPURION inline disinfection module is directly integrated into the airflow of the air conditioning plant. The airflow is disinfected inside the AIRPURION inline module by the PURION UV lamps. The AIRPURION inline UV modules are available in different configurations and therefore suitable for different applications.

The flow of air is 99,99% germ free after treatment inside the housing. Therefore the germ level can be reduced substantially and scientifically proven.

Via serially operation of several AIRPURION inline modules the disinfection performance can be adjusted user-defined

With AIRPURION inline modules different values of UVC dosis can be reached:

airflowAIRPURION inline D250AIRPURION inline D500
250 m³/h234 J/m²415 J/m²
500 m³/h117 J/m²207 J/m²
1.000 m³/h59 J/m²104 J/m²
1.500 m³/h39 J/m²69 J/m²
2.000 m³/h29 J/m²52 J/m²

The AIRPURION inline Module D500 consists of a standard air spiral duct that can be easily integrated into air conditioning plants. The PURION UV-lamps are assembled inside the air spiral duct. The arrangement of the UV-lamps ensures optimal usage of the UV-radiation.

The control of the AIRPURION inline Module is carried out with the PURION electric control cabinet type 1 or Type 2. Power is carried out with 3~/N/PE~50/60Hz 230/400V.

The AIRPURION inline UV Modules are configured with monitoring of the UV-lamps service life and splinter protection (optionally). The PURION UV lamps stand out for their long service life, high disinfection performance and low energy consumption.

A plug connection for every lamp cable ensures easy maintenance and easy replacement of the lamps. The immersion tubes can be easily replaced.

The AIRPURION active can be operated during presence of people.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.