PURION IBC UV-Set 36 W Universal

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...is characterised by an extraordinarily high disinfection performance with a compact design and low energy consumption. It is designed in accordance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines.

PURION IBC UV-Set 36 W Universal with Splinter Protection and Safety Bracket

This UV set consists of a quartz protection tube closed at one end and mounted in a stainless steel flange at the other end, a flange bracket, a UV lamp, the control box with electronic ballast and the connecting cables. The stainless steel flange is mounted in a bracket with three holes. It is firmly screwed to the housing of an IBC tank by means of the three holes in the flange bracket. The function of the UV lamp, which is mounted in the quartz protection tube, can be safely checked via the transparent cap on the stainless steel flange. A control lamp signals e.g. lamp failure or cable breakage. A potential-free contact linked to it can be used for external signalling or for switching operations. The UV lamps used are characterised by a long service life, high disinfection performance and low energy consumption. Optionally, the power supply can be 230 V/50 Hz, 110 V/60 Hz or 24 V DC.

Due to the equipment with splinter protection and safety and flange mounting, this UV set is very robust and suitable for mobile and outdoor applications. The compact design allows easy lamp removal without tools and lamp replacement, for example at the end of the lamp's service life. The quartz immersion tube can be easily dismantled or mounted for cleaning purposes.

Technical data
ManufacturerPURION® GmbH
Flow rate and disinfection performanceCalculation is required depending on the medium and geometric structure of the container
Length of irradiation720 mm
Flange sealing surface to end of quartz tube920 mm
Diameter of quartz tubeØ 23 mm
Flange holder dimensionsØ 100 mm
Steel flange passage dimensionØ 33 mm
Weight2,5 kg
Usage duration of the lamps10,000 h
Monitoring optionOperating Time Counter (OTC)
Number of lamps1
Maximum operating pressure10 bar
Enclosure protection classIP 65
Electrical connection110-240 V 50/60 Hz or 24 V DC
Power36 W
Fuse10 A


Scope of delivery of this PURION IBC UV set:
Immersion tube system 23/920 Set BS Spl (safety bracket & splinter protection)
Control box with electronic ballast 110-240 VAC or 24 V DC, lamp cable ~ 3m, UV lamp 36W
Flange bracket Universal


  • robust configuration
  • No chemical input into the medium to be sterilised
  • No odour and taste impairment
  • Low-maintenance operation and low operating costs

We recommend the PURION Service KIT for cleaning the immersion pipe system.

> PURION Service-KIT

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UV radiation is dangerous for skin and eyes! Eyes and skin must be protected accordingly. The user is responsible for his own safety and the safety of persons in the vicinity where these lamps are used. Please note that materials that are not stable to UVC can be damaged.