…is characterised by its extraordinary disinfection performance, compact construction and low energy consumption. It is manufactured in accordance with current law, standards and rules.

The PURION UV MODULE 1400 consists of an Aluminum housing that is unclosed in disinfection direction.

It is possible to install the PURION UV MODULE 1400 above or below the area to be disinfected. Therefore it is perfectly suitable for disinfection of conveyor bands etc.

The UV-highly polished Aluminum surface (PVD coated) with increased reflection ensures an optimal usage of the UV radiation.

Controlling of the PURION UV lamps is centrally realized via 2 x PURION ELECTRIC CONTROL CABINET Model 1. Optionally the PURION UV MODULE 1000 can be equipped with splinter protection and monitoring of the life time of the UV lamp (Operating Time Counter – OTC).

The PURION UV lamps stands out for their long service life, high disinfection performance and low energy consumption. Power supply is carried out with 3~/N/PE~50/60Hz 230/400V.

Its compact construction allows for an easy replacement of lamps. The quartz-made immersion tube may be easily disassembled or respectively assembled for cleaning purposes.

Technical data 

Manufacturer:PURION® GmbH
Disinfection performance:
distance of 50 mm
distance of 500 mm

200 J/m²
60 J/m²
Band width:1000 - 1400 mm
Dimensions (L x B x H):1500 x 1000 x 100 mm
Options for configuration:

Monitoring of the life time
of the UV lamp (OTC –
main alarm)
Splinter protection

Number of UV lamps:16
Number of Electronic
control cabinet – Model 1:
Life time of lamps:10.000 h
Electrical connection:3~/N/PE~50/60Hz 230/400V
Total power:16 x 90 W
Over current protection:3 x 6 A

The PURION UV MODULE 1400 can be applied for different band speed:

Speed of the conveyor band:Number PURION UV MODULE 1400:
0,0 – 0,5 m/s1
0,5 – 1,0 m/s2
1,0 – 1,5 m/s3
1,5 – 2,0 m/s4

PURION UV MODULE 1400 is applied at:

Disinfection of Conveyor bands
Disinfection of Surfaces
Disinfection of packaging material
Installation within air ducts