AIRPURION 90 active E T with separate control box

Stands for its extraordinary high disinfection performance, compact construction and low energy consumption. It is manufactured in accordance with currently valid laws, standards and rules.

The device consists of a matt anodized and completely closed aluminum frame. Wiring system and the electronic cut-in unit are integrated into the frame.

Upon request, handles meant for manual operation may be installed on the rear side. Fastening devices for wall or ceiling installation are separately available.

Lamp failure or cable breaking are being internally controlled and duly signaled. A separate elapsed-time counter enables monitoring of lamps service life.

The UV radiators stand out for their long service life, high disinfection performance and low energy consumption. Power supply may alternatively be of 230 V/50 Hz or 110 V/60 Hz.

Its compact construction allows for an easy removal of lamps or lamp exchange, like for instance at the end of the radiator's service life.

The AIR PURION 90 active can also be equipped for operation into moist rooms.


UV radiation is dangerous for your skin and eyes! Both your eyes and skin are to be appropriately protected. The user will be responsible for his own safety, as well as for the safety of people who are staying in areas where these radiators are being used.

Please bear in mind that materials which are not UVC-resistant may be damaged.

Technical data

manufacturerPURION GmbH
typeAIRPURION 90 active
ambient air disinfection:
disinfection grade of 80%approx. 150 m³ ambient air
disinfection grade of 88%approx. 75 m³ ambient air
turnover of the ambient air:36 m³/h
housing dimensions1000 x 105 x 105
LxBxH in mm
monitoring UV-lampsOperating Time Counter
weight6 kg
number of lamps 1
life time of lamps10.000 h
temperature max40°C
housing's type of protectionIP 54
electrical Connection (optionally)110-240 V 50/60 Hz
total power90 W
over current protection 10 A

For the UV plant AIRPURION 90 active the PURION Assembly Systems are available.

> Assembly Systems

For cleaning of the immersion tube system the PURION Service KIT is recommended.

> PURION Service-KIT

UV-plant AIRPURION 90 active may be used for:

  • Air disinfection


  • continuous operation, even if there are people staying in the room
  • no bad smell or taste
  • low-maintenance operation
  • low operational costs