Electric Control Cabinet – Model 1 characterized by compact construction design. The construction follows laws, standards and regulations

The PURION Electric Control Cabinet – Model 1 can be optionally delivered made from steel, stainless steel or plastic material.

The protective system is IP 54.

The power supply is carried out with 3~/N/PE* 50Hz 400/230V or L/N/PE* 50 Hz 230V.

The Electric Control Cabinet can equipped with the PURION Operating Time Counter (OTC2) or the PURION Operating Power Detection (OPD2).

The potential free contact D1-D2 (error amount signaling) enables easy integration into existing remote monitoring systems.

Additionally it is possible to equip the PURION Electric Control Cabinat with a main alert function.


  • space saving management of several PURION UV Plants via central control cabinet
  • individual configuration possible (e.g. earth leakage circuit breaker, time relay, etc.).
  • construction also possible with stainless steel or plastic material

Technical data

manufacturerPURION® GmbH
typeElectric Control Cabinet Model 1
dimensions (L x B x H mm)600 x 600 x 210
protective systemIP 54
configuration- lamps for function control
- main switch
- earth leakage circuit breaker (ELCB) 2-pole/ 4-pole (30mA)
- fuse
- potential free contact D1-D2 (external over current protection necessary)
electrical connection3 ~/N/PE* 50 Hz 400/230 V;
L/N/PE* 50 Hz 230 V
weightca. 35 Kg
total powerup to 8 x 106 W (depending on no. of UV Plants)
over current protection3 x 6 A or
3 x 10 A
options- Operating Time Counter (OTC2)
- Operating Power Detection (OPD2)

This Electric Control Cabinet is applied at:

applications with multiple UV Plants (up to 8 UV Plants):
  • PURION products for treatment of water
  • PURION UV-Sets
industrial applications
applications with very small space for installations

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