In privately-owned bathing facilities or monolithic swimming pools, water treatment performed with UV disinfection acts almost without adding any chemicals. Therefore "red eyes" and that typical smell from swimming pools as caused by chloramines are being efficiently reduced.

Many people complain about strange taste and smell of swimming pool water that has been chemically treated. This problem arise case whenever disinfection products such as Chloramine (bound chlorine) and trihalogen methane are being used, and whose cancer-causing effects have already been demonstrated. Chloramine will also speed up the aging process of materials being used inside and around the swimming pool. 

Value added at a glance:
The PURION POOL systems

  • are plug and play systems for immediate operation
  • operate without chemicals and avoid „red eyes“ and skin irritation
  • avoid up to 95% of chemicals compared to solely chemical treatment
  • imply considerable cost cutting due to less costs for chemicals
  • operate without chemicals and expand the lifespan of the pool equipment
  • enable reuse of backwash water e.g. for irrigation
  • are suitable for salt water application
  • imply manageable maintenance and small operation expenses 
PURION plantPoolsize
at 20 h operationat 15 h operationat 12 h operation
1000 PVC-U
10m³7,5 m³6 m³
2001 PVC-U
40 m³30m³24 m³
2501 PVC-U
80 m³60 m³50 m³
2501 H


100 m³80 m³70 m³
2501 DUAL
160 m³120 m³100 m³
2501 DUAL H200 m³150 m³120 m³

Any of our equipment can be equipped with functions for monitoring operating hours and/or UVC intensity.

For every UV plant a complete PURION Assembly System is available.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.