...is characterised by an extraordinarily high disinfection performance with a compact design and low energy consumption. The unit is designed in accordance with applicable laws, standards and directives.

Figure: PURION POOL Premium PVC-U

The PURION POOL Premium PVC-U system consists of filtration and UV-based disinfection of the pool water. It is used for the disinfection of pool circulation water.

The upstream filter unit with "top mount" 6-way valve consists of a filter tank made of high-quality, glass-fibre reinforced polyester. This is filled with activated filter granulate made of special quartz. This pre-filter removes existing turbidity from the water. The subsequent UV-based disinfection prevents biological activities - especially the formation of algae. A self-priming Speck Badu Prime pump is used for this purpose.

Compared to conventional chemical treatment of the water, up to 95% of the chemicals used can be dispensed with. The PURION UV lamps used are characterised by a long service life, high disinfection performance and low energy consumption. The compact design allows easy lamp removal without tools and lamp replacement, for example at the end of the lamp's service life.

1 12 m delivery head (water head) corresponds to 1.2 bar.

Technical data

Manufacturer PURION® GmbH
Type PURION POOL Premium
Pool size 80 m³ (with 3 x daily circulation)
L x W x H in mm
1200 x 800 x 1200
(without filling filter tank)
ca. 60 Kg
UV system PURION 2501 H PVC-U (106 W)
life time of lamps 10.000 h
Temperature range 2 - 40°C
Flow rate:
Speck Badu Prime 20 pump
15 m³/h
with delivery head1 12 m
Working pressure 2 bar
Range of application Can be set up jew max. 3 m above or below the water level
Filter tank material High-quality glass-fibre reinforced polyester
Filter tank volume 186 l
Quantity Special Quartz 175 kg
Filter medium AFM active
Valve filter tank top mount 4 Wegeventil
Connection Grommet stepped D 40/32
electrical connection 230 V 50Hz
Power consumption pump 1.3 kW/h
protective system IP 54
over current protection 10 A


  • plug and play system for immediate operation up to 95% reduction in chemical input compared to conventional methods
  • cost savings due to reduced costs for chemicals
  • low maintenance operation
  • Low operating costs

We recommend the PURION Service KIT for cleaning the immersion pipe system.

> PURION Service-KIT

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