Cooling and lubricating emulsions, fuel

Biologically contaminated cooling and lubricating emulsions may be the cause for users' skin deseases. PURION® UV equipment of the Pro series in combination with efficient UV lamps and suitable reactors ensure an effective disinfection, even in the case of heavily turbid liquids.

PURION® equipment series for cooling/lubricating emulsions' disinfection are being delivered ready for plug-in, with connecting cable and safety plug. In case a higher dose is being required, equipment may also be supplied with other type of lamps.

In the case of these special thin-layer equipment, water-film thickness represents a mere 2 mm. That's why an optimal penetration of the medium, as well as a reliable disinfection can be guaranteed.

Any of our equipment can be fitted with functions for monitoring operating hours and/or UVC intensity.

For every UV plant a complete PURION Assembly System is available.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheet.

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