PURION® Multiplant

The new product line PURION Multiplant for disinfection of liquids allows for a safe and reliable UV based disinfection up to flow rates of 120 m³/h. Several PURION reactors are operated in series or parallel. Steering is carried out with a central electronic cabinet.

The PURION PRO Multiplants are designed to enable UV based disinfection for high flow rates even in case of very low UVC transmission. For hot liquids it is possible to apply the PURION H configuration. 

Flow rates of PURION Multiplants with a guaranteed UVC- Dosis of 400 J/m²

typeUVC-transmissionFlow rate
PURION Multiplant 2501 / 6>94% T1 cm
>90% T1 cm
90 m³/h
60 m³/h
PURION Multiplant 2501 / 8>94% T1 cm
>90% T1 cm
120 m³/h
80 m³/h
PURION PRO Multiplant 2500 / 6 >20% T1 cm
>10% T1 cm
6 m³/h
4,5 m³/h
PURION PRO Multiplant 2500 / 8 >20% T1 cm
>10% T1 cm
8,5 m³/h
6 m³/h

Besides the standard configuration it is possible to develop customized solutions for specific applications.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.