The product family PURION UVC BOX enables the safe and chemical-free disinfection of objects. The product range PURION UVC BOX is used in the medical and domestic area.

The devices of the PURION UVC BOX product range can optionally be configured with a timer. The preset irradiation time of 5 minutes ensures a UVC dose of more than 1000 J/m². This ensures a high effectiveness.

PURION UVC BOXGuaranteed UVC dose
5 minutes10 minutes
small1.400 J/m²2.800 J/m²
medium1.440 J/M²2.880 J/M²
DUAL medium1.400 J/M²2.800 J/M²

Lethal doses for some selected pathogens:

  • Influenza: 68 J/m² with 99% disinfection | 102 J/m² with 99.9% disinfection
  • Streptococcus viridans: 40 J/m² with 99% disinfection | 60 J/m² with 99.9% disinfection
  • Baccillus tuberculi (TBC): 200 J/m² with 99% disinfection | 300 J/m² with 99.9% disinfection 

Furthermore the PURION UVC BOX product range is also available as DUAL version. In this case a PURION UVC lamp is located above and below the objects to be disinfected.

The devices are available in different sizes. A version in black or white colour is possible. Of course it is possible to develop special customized solutions upon customer’s request.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.