Compact system „Tropics box passive“

The UV-plant is integrated totally within a box consisting of aluminum. The dimensions are 600 x 270 x 380 (l x h x w in mm). The „PURION Tropics box passive“ is suitable for acute as well as for long term applications because of the efficient operation principle combined with the flow rate of 400 liters per hour, the small dimensions and the small weight.

Due to small energy consumption the system can be operated with the integrated rechargeable battery up to 20 hours. Charging of the battery is possible via solar panel, mains adaptor or electronic cigarette lighters in motor vehicles.

The tropics box passive is designed for a dose of UV-light of 400 J/m². These dose guarantees disinfection of 99,9% in case of not exceeding maximum rate of flow.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheet.