UV plants of the PURION® product line are characterized by compact construction and a high degree of efficiency respecting to disinfection and energy consumption. The construction design follows laws, standards and regulations

The PURION AQUA active system is a pre-assembled system consisting of filtration and UV-based disinfection, along with a high-quality domestic waterworks from metabo. It is used for the treatment of rainwater and drinking water.

The upstream domestic waterworks ensures constant water pressure. The additional pressure reducer allows for flexible regulation of the water pressure. Pre-assembled shut-off valves and a non-return valve guarantee safe and reliable operation.

The subsequent pre-filtration and UV-based disinfection enable the water to be treated. The UV system is equipped with a lamp life monitoring (OTC).

The PURION UV lamps used are characterized by their long lifespan, high disinfection performance, and low energy consumption.

The compact design allows for easy and tool-free lamp removal and replacement, for example, at the end of the lamp's service life.

Technical data

Manufacturer PURION GmbH
Type PURION AQUA active
Flow rate:
4 log reduction 99.99%
1-2 log reduction 96-99%

1000 l/h
4000 l/h
UVC Transmission 90% T? cm
Dimensions L x W x H in mm 660 x 500 x 930
Weight (without water) 40 kg
UV System PURION 1000
Lamp service life 10,000 h
Monitoring option OTC
Pre-filter 1 x 60 µm
1 x Activated carbon
Domestic waterworks metabo HWW6000/25
Temperature range 2 – 40 C°
Connection R 1“
Electrical connection 220 - 240 V
Electrical power

Enclosure type IP 65
Protection 16A

For cleaning of the immersion tube system the PURION Service KIT is recommended.

> PURION Service-KIT


  • plug and play solution for easy installation
  • self-supporting system
  • integration of all components of professional water treatment and UV disinfection
  • low-maintenance operation