PURION® UV systems are characterised by an extraordinarily high disinfection performance with a compact design and low energy consumption. They are designed in accordance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines.

Illustration: PURION DVGW ZERT All-In-One

The DVGW-certified system of type PURION 2501 230 E 106 W ZERT with installation rack offers maximum facilitation for a complete installation of all necessary components of a professional UV disinfection.

Only the integration into the pipe network has to be carried out. A backwashable pre-filter reduces possible solids in the water.

Downstream of the UV system there is a sampling unit, a drain valve and a solenoid valve (normally closed). For maintenance purposes, the flow can be interrupted by 2 disc valves at the inlet and outlet of the system.

The installation frame is self-supporting - no wall installations or similar need to be made.

The power supply is 230 V 50 Hz via a Schuko plug.

1Registration number DW-918DL0513, test specifications: DIN 19294-1, UBA BWGL-Metalle, UBA ELASTOM

Technical data

Manufacturer PURION GmbH
Type PURION® 2501 E 106W ZERT
Flow rate UVC-Transmission
96% T1 cm: 3,4m³/h
Water temperature 2ºC bis 90ºC
Rack connection External thread R 1"
Rack dimensions in mm:
(L x W x H)

1020 x 510 x 1150
Weight (with UV system & components) 45,0 kg
Max. operating pressure 10 bar
Enclosure protection IP 65

Electr. connection


230 V/50 Hz

Power 1x 106 W
Fuse protection 10 A

Selected pre-installed components in addition to the DVGW certified UV system:

1 x Solenoid valve
2 x disc valve
1 x Backwashable pre-filter
1 x Sampling unit
1 x drain cock

We recommend the PURION Service KIT for cleaning the immersion pipe system.

> PURION Service-KIT

This UV system is used, among other things, for:

  • Drinking water
  • Hot water/ Legionella control
  • Beverage industry

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