PURION Multiplants 2501 / 8 for UV based disinfection of liquids

… is characterized by compact construction design. The construction follows laws, standards and regulations.

The PURION Multiplant 4 x 2 PURION 2501 is designed to enable UV based desinfection for high flow rates up to 120 m³/h.

The assembly is carried out in a rack made from grooved aluminium. Two distribution pipes made from stainless steel ensures the envenly distribution of the water flow at the 4 x 2 reactors. Therefore reliable disinfection is guarenteed.

The plant can be configuered to be operated in hot water applications.

The Electric Control Cabinet can be optionally made from Stainless steele or steel powder-coated.

The Electric Control Cabinet can be equipped with the PURION Operating Time Counter (OTC2). Optionally the PURION Electric Control Cabinet can be equipped with the PURION Operating Power Detection (OPD2) (monitoring of one UV-reactor).

The potential free contact D1-D2 (error amount signaling) enables easy integration into existing remote monitoring systems.

Technical data

manufacturerPURION GmbH
product linePURION
Multiplant 2501 / 8
flow rate for given
UVC transmission
>94% T1 cm: 120 m³/h
>90% T1 cm: 80 m³/h
dose400 J/m²
dimension (L x W x H mm)approx. 1.100 x 1.100 x 1.600
weight100 kg
number of lamps8
max. working pressure10 bar
electrical connectionPURION Electric Control
Cabinet 1:
  • 3 ~/N/PE 50 Hz 400/230V
  • L/N/PE 50 Hz 230V
total power8 x 90W or 8 x 106W
(depending on configuration)
over current protection3 x 6A
configuration rackgrooved aluminium

The PURION Multiplants are applied at:

drinking water
cooling water
pool water

Selected options for configuration

  • configuration as PURION H
  • Operating Time Counter (OTC2)
  • Operating Power Detection (OPD2)
  • main alert for controlling (visual error amount signalling on the cabinet door, in addition to the potential free contact D1-D2)