The superior two in one AIRPURION STERILE FRIDGE plant is the only system that ensures reliable UV disinfection and the removal of bad odour in cold environments:

  • Sterilsation of air via UVC light – state of the art disinfection technology
  • Removal of bad odour via PHOTO CATALYTIC OXIDATION by means of UVA light that activates titanium dioxide plates


  • considerably extends the shelf life of stored food
  • works totally without chemicals
  • is the only system with Highest HACCP compliance due to splinter protection via UV glass safety film (no release of mercury or glass splinters in food
  • areas in case of breakage of the UV lamp)
  • allows for continuous operation because it is a closed system with active air inlet via fan
  • various options to monitor the disinfection performance
  • practically maintenance free
active turnover of the ambient air 24m³/hr
disinfection grade of 88% approximately 50m³ of ambient air
splinter protection for the lamp (coating)
with lamp failure devise
with Monitoring system of the Life time of the UV lamp – Operating time counter (OTC)
stainless steel frame
photo-catalyst base plates
one UVC lamp with 10,000 hours life time
one UVA lamp to activate the catalytic layers
minimum temperature of -25°C
340mm wide x 450mm deep x 125mm high
ceiling mount
single phase electrical supply

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheet:

The unique AIRPURION STERIL FRIDGE two step approach:

1. step: reliable UVC Disinfection

  • active inlet of air via fan
  • treatment of air with UVC light (260 nm wavelength) within the first chamber
  • UVC works using a photolytic effect whereby the radiation destroys or inactivates the microorganism
  • For disinfection these effects are produced by wavelengths below 320 nm, with the optimum effect occurring at around 260 nm.
  • UVC light is the only verifiable disinfection technology – also used by hospitals and research institutes


  • reliable sterilsation of air
  • removal of bacteria’s, viruses

2. step: Photo Catalytic Oxidation

  • transfer of disinfected air to chamber two
  • treatment of air with Photo Catalytic Oxidation via UVA light

  • Special UVA light activates a Titanium Oxide photo catalyst.
  • This process creates hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions, which are highly reactive electrons.
  • These highly reactive electrons aggressively combine with Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) – bad odour.
  • This breaks the pollutant down into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules, making the air even more purified.


  • removal of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • removal of bad odour