Water disinfection

Solutions for treatment of Water

Radiation with Ultraviolet light delivers optimal protection against danger of infection. UV radiation is a well known und natural method to disinfect liquids. With usage of UV radiation one can leave out treatment of water by inserting of chlorine.

Advantages of PURION UV-plants

  • Additional chemicals are not required for disinfection
  • Quick and effective disinfection
  • Smell and taste of the water are not influenced by radiation
  • Due to biological methods there is no ecological damage
  • Disinfection of water contaminated by pathogenic germs who are resistant against chlorination
  • No danger of over- or underdose
  • Manageable maintenance
  • Small operation expenses
  • Easy handling
  • Less required space

So the following benefits arise:

  • Replacement of disinfection by use of chlorine at drinking water and pools
  • Reduction of algae and parasites in aquariums und pools
  • Elimination of the danger of infection through the use of humidifiers by water of air conditioning
  • Disinfection and TOC-reduction at disinfection of permeate
  • Pure water with extreme high doses (Pharmacy)
  • UV-Disinfection for water circulation at greenhouses


PURION UV-plants can be integrated in existent water installations easily. The medium to be disinfected flows through the optimized chamber. The UV radiation inactivates bacteria and germs.
Beside you can see an installation scheme of our UV plants (subject to modifications).