Warranty UV lamps

Warranty for PURION UV low pressure lamps 

The PURION® GmbH grants for low pressure UV lamps the following warranty:

  • Basis of the decision on a warranty or replacement is the evaluation in our PURION labs. Therefore complaints need to be sent to PURION® GmbH.
  • The warranty is granted for 10.000 hours of operation for PURION UV low pressure lamps and 8.000 hours for PURION UV Amalgam lamps up to maximum 2 years from the date of delivery.
  • Up to 1.000 hours of operation the lamps will be fully replaced.
  • Up to 10.000 hours of operation the replacement and financial compensation will be proportional referring to the operating time.
  • For PURION Amalgam lamps the proportional compensation refers to the operation time of 8.000 hours.
  • To keep the warranty valid the number of switching operation must not exceed an average of 5-6 per day.
  • Operating time and switching operations needs to be proved with suitable measures.
  • To keep the warranty valid the PURION UV lamps needs to be operated with PURION electronic ballasts
  • Breakage of glass will not be compensated 

These conditions are valid, when no other special agreement is stated. Special agreements must put down in writing.