The product family AIRPURION mobile for UV based disinfection of air and surfaces can be applied flexible und without structural alteration e.g. in clean rooms and laboratories. In order to operate the system it is not necessary to carry out structural measurements that might be harmful for certification etc.

Units of the product family AIRPURION mobile enable a reliable and chemical free disinfection of air und surfaces. The mobile system can be applied flexible according to the individual application. Several safety features ensure highest HACCP compliance.

distance from PURION UV lamp
guaranteed UVC Dose2 m5m
200 J/m²15 minutes70 minutes
600 J/m²50 minutes200 minutes
1000 J/m²80 minutes340 minutes

Controlling of the PURION UV lamps is centrally realized via the PURION ELECTRIC CONTROL CABINET made from stainless steel.
The systems can be switched on and off via remote control and are equipped with splinter protection on monitoring of the life time of the UV lamp (Operating Time Counter – OTC).

Horizontal position of the PURION UV lamp:

The complete area/air between the ceiling and the floor is disinfected. Moreover a surface disinfection of the floor and the ceiling is carried out. The lateral walls are not exposed to UV radiation.

Senkrechte Position der PURION UV Strahler:

The comlete area/air between lateral walls is disinfected. Morover a surface disinfection of the lateral walls is carried out. The floor and the ceiling is exposed to UV radiation.

Of course it is possible to develop special customized solutions upon customer’s request.

Further specifications and measurements may be found on the corresponding data sheets.