Surface disinfection

Solutions for treatment of Surfaces

Surface disinfection generally requires high-intensity short-wave ultraviolet radiation. Mostly these means UV lamps are mounted close to the surface requiring to be kept free from infection or to be disinfected.

The success of surface disinfection depends largely on the surface irregularity of the material to be disinfected. In practice, solid surfaces, granular material and packaging (whether plastic, glass, metal, cardboard, foil, etc.) are disinfected or maintained germ-free by means of intensive, direct irradiation.

Based on our UV-plants for water disinfection we are going to serve our customers with UV-plants for surface disinfection. Products of first-class quality will reflect our customer's needs and the philosophy of PURION.

PURION® UV-plants - value added

  • Quick and effective disinfection
  • Smell and taste of the water are not influenced by radiation
  • Due to biological methods there is no ecological damage
  • Disinfection of water contaminated by pathogenic germs who are resistant against chlorination
  • No danger of over- or underdose
  • Manageable maintenance
  • Small operation expenses
  • Easy handling
  • Less required space

So the following benefits arise:

  • Securing sterility of containers (bottles, cans, beer barrels, jam jars)
  • Securing sterility of plants and materials (conveyor bands, holding devices)
  • Sterile packaging


UV radiation is dangerous for your skin and eyes! Both your eyes and skin are to be appropriately protected. The user will be responsible for his own safety, as well as for the safety of people who are staying in areas where these radiators are being used.