…stands out for its extraordinary high disinfection performance, compact construction and low energy consumption. It is manufactured in accordance with currently valid laws, standards and rules.

The AIRPURION 2001 /4 consists of four reactors PURION 2001 to be assembled in a row. The introduced air flows through the reactors and is disinfected by the UV radiation. The unit can be easily integrated into existing pipe systems.

To monitor the service life of the UV lamps the AIRPURION 2001 /4 can be equipped with an Operating Time Counter (OTC) with potential free contacts.

The controlling is integrated in an electronic control cabinet (optionally made from stainless steel). The electronic control cabinet is equipped with error signalling (sum signal). In case of a default of an UV lamp the red control lamp on the door will be illuminated. Simultaneously it is possible to analyse the error externally (potential free contact). The operation of each UV lamp is indicated by the green control lamps on the door.

The compact construction allows for an easy removal of lamps or lamp exchange at the end of the lamps service life. It is not necessary to use additional tools.

Optionally the AIRPURION 2001 /4 can be equipped with the PURION assembly system AIRPURION 2001 – 2501. In consequence wall mounting can be carried out easily and space saving.

Technical data

manufacturerPURION® GmbH
typeAIRPURION 2001/4
disinfection rate 99%up to 120 m³/h air
dimensions H x W x D mm:
reactors (in a row) electric control cabinet
578 x 372 x 85

600 x 600 x 210
number of reactors4 x PURION 2001
flanges external threadR 1 1/2“
temperature max.60 C° / 90 C°
life time of UV lamps8.000 - 10.000 h
number of UV lamps4
protection gradeIP 54
electrical connection3 ~/N/PE
50 Hz 400/230V
total power4 x 48W
(up to 60 C°)
4 x 42W
(up to 90 C°)
over current protection3 x 6A

Details about disinfection performance:

max. volume of air
UVC dose1
60% air humidity90% air humidity
30 J/m²120 m³/h70 m³/h
90 J/m²40 m³/h24 m³/h

This UV plant is applied at:

air disinfection within beverage industry
chemical industry with organic working materials
ventilation concepts within clean room industry


  • chemical free
  • smell and taste of the air is not influenced by radiation
  • easy maintenance and low operational costs


1 A dose of 30 J/m² ensures a 99% disinfection in case of moderate contamination e.g. with Ecoli or Salmonella; a dose of 90 J/m² ensures a 99% disinfection in case of severe contamination e.g. with Influenza, Brewer’s Yeast, and Listeria.