PURION Compact System Mobile Concept

PURION® UV systems are characterised by an extraordinarily high disinfection performance with a compact design and low energy consumption. They are designed in accordance with applicable laws, standards and guidelines.

The pre-assembled PURION Mobile Concept compact system enables the immediate provision of drinking water and consists of a UV unit, filters, and a pump.

The system allows for chemical-free water treatment through piping with three-way valves, without duplicating components, during:

  • Water tank filling
  • Water storage in the tank
  • Water extraction from the tank

In addition to the UV unit, two filter slots can be equipped with particle or specialty filters1.

A pump with a capacity of 400 l/h is synchronized with the disinfection performance of the UV unit. The pump operates under pressure control. To ensure disinfection performance, the pump is activated 30 seconds after the UV unit is switched on.

Power supply can be provided with either 12 V DC or 24 V DC. The compact design also allows for easy replacement of the UV lamp and filter inserts.

Due to its compact design, the system is particularly suitable for mobile applications such as camping and caravanning.

1 For example, activated carbon or iron filter inserts.

Technical data

Manufacturer PURION GmbH
Type PURION Compact System
Mobile Concept
Flow Rate 400 l/h drinking water
UVC Transmission 90% T1 cm
Water Temperature 2ºC to 40ºC
UV Unit PURION 500
Number of Filter Slots 2
Pump Capacity 400 l/h
Overall System Dimensions
(L x W x H in mm)
640 x 300 x 425
System Weight 13 kg
Weight 1.9 kg
Maximum Operating Pressure 10 bar
Enclosure Protection Class IP 65
Electrical Connection

12 V DC or 24 V DC

Power 1x 10 W (UV unit)
1x 48 W (pump)
Fuse 8 A

The PURION Mobile Concept compact system is used in:

  • Camping & Caravan
  • Expeditions
  • Mobile water supply


  • No chemical introduction into the water to be disinfected
  • No impairment of odor and taste
  • Adaptability to local conditions through the choice of filter inserts
  • Low-maintenance operation
  • Low operating costs

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